Bridget + John. an engagement

My lovely niece and her rather awesome fiancé are getting married soon.  I think I may have met Bridget when she was a sweet kid of about 13 and now she is getting married (she is still sweet, mind you).  I can’t believe it!  Where have those years gone?  One day a few months ago, they came over and we took some photos of them to celebrate such a wonderful time of their lives.  There are so many things I wish I knew before I got married, I won’t give unsolicited advice here, besides, part of the fun of being husband and wife is finding out these little things!

B + J, I cannot wait to be there and witness the joining of your lives together.  It shall be a beautiful, beautiful day!


P.s Can I just say that I love that they can have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously!

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