Chris and Rebecca

“Shoelaces untied
you can dry your eyes
perfect shadows alive
behind us
this is the day I make you mine
way your hair lies
sometimes unrecognized
all the way from these today
on a train
nothing to say if there’s still time
but you are the one
I’ve been waiting for today
and here comes the sun that’s been baiting on today
lately I’ve lost my tongue
today you found the sun
oh no not long has grown
well I thank God you came along
you are the one I’ve been waiting for today”

- Joshua Radin

This post has taken quite some time to come.  But I have finally gotten here.

Chris and Rebecca, two beautiful souls, wed at Belsaas Estate on a glorious summer day in March.  It was such a fun wedding to shoot, I have known them both for some years now and it so wonderful to be there and witness the start of their journey of marriage! And what a beautiful one it will be, I am sure!  Am I allowed to say, that this *could* be my favourite wedding of the season?  It has only been a few weeks since I shot my last wedding, but putting together this blog post has made me yearn for more..

This is going to be one long blog post, I as I just couldn’t decide on which images best told the story so grab a cuppa and make yourself comfortable.

I hope you all have been enjoying this winter, snuggling up with your loves.




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