Every time I close my eyes
It’s you and I know now
Who I am..”
Newton Faulkner – Dream Catch Me

This is my beautiful princess-esque cousin Tania, and her wonderful husband Steve.

What a pleasure it was to photograph them and be there on the biggest day of their lives. It was a hot hot day in Hahei on the Coromandel in a beautiful setting at a family friend’s place, and the whole bridal party was just so lovely and sweet. All round it was just the most beautiful day..

Emily - so. very. gorgeous!

To Canada, with love..

In February I met a lovely family out on holiday from Canada. Sonya and I had been planning this for a little while, and I went over to the Mt. to meet them. They had the most gorgeous twin girls and they really wanted to get some photographs to remember this wonderful time they spent together as a family.

Does is bring back memories of summer for anyone..?


Most days when I am heading into town I pass these horses on my way. They have always intrigued me and I have wanted to photograph them, but most of the time I am passing in such a hurry that I don’t often get the chance. A couple of days ago, I had a bit of time up my sleeve and had my camera with me.

On another note, I am booking weddings for the 2012/2013 summer so if you are thinking about getting in touch, please do so now! As the dates are filling up!

Shawn + Vicki

At the end of January I was so lucky to be able to fly down and photograph Shawn and Vicki’s wedding in Wellington. (Have I mentioned, how much I love to travel for weddings??) Anyway, I digress..

Shawn and Vicki live in Sydney, and I hadn’t officially met them until a day before their wedding. Their wedding, had seriously some of the most sweetest little touches I have seen at a wedding, from the floral bunting flags, to the hydrangeas in tins, and the little butterfly shaped “love” cutouts scattered on barrels. They were all so gorgeous. Wellington turned out a stunning day for the couple and the wind even died down – which was fantastic!

Shawn and Vicki, may you have a life filled with love, laughter, and much much joy! It was so wonderful being a part of your day and I feel so blessed to have been there.

The Smiths

Someone who recently discovered my website and blog, said to me “Delia, you write from the heart.”

I try to write honestly and openly about all my photographic experiences on here.  I know that kind of honesty is not for everyone, and it can be rather confronting at times.  I also know I can be a little “sappy” and over sensitive.  But I want people who invite me to be a part of their wedding day to know that is who I am, and what I do, I do from my heart.  If that means I appeal to a lot less people, that doesn’t matter to me at all, because I know the people who do want to work with me, get it.  They get me.

This wedding was held at the beautiful Bracu Restaurant nestled in the Bombay Hills.  It was such a touching wedding for me.  And I mean I was moved to tears more than once in the day.  And again as I was editing the photos, I was quite overcome as I came across the speeches from the wedding.  In particular Jo’s very moving speech, and the way she so lovingly spoke about her mother.  I know Jo’s mum too.  She was one of my favourite teachers I have ever had.  It was so lovely to see her so many years later, and she is just as wonderful and gentle as how I remember her.  Rob’s mother, whom I briefly met in the midst of the busy day, was such a beautiful woman, and she looked just so proud of her son, holding his hand and her huge smile beaming up at him.

I think you can tell from all the photos below, that Jo and Rob really enjoyed their wedding day.  I mean, really enjoyed it.  Anyone who has ever had a wedding day before, knows what a huge day it is, and how there is so much going on, it’s so hard to take it all in, and remember what you have to do, and make sure you talk to everyone there.  This beautiful couple, I felt were truly present on their day.  And incredibly happy. The awe you see emanating from each other is something rather wonderful.  And they were high school sweethearts, so have been together for over 10 years already!

This is turning into a mammoth post, so I’ll stop here.

Mr and Mrs Smith – it was truly my honour and pleasure to share this day with you.  Thank you!


P.s play the music as you scroll, the song gets me everytime.


malia - Beautiful, dear friend! xx