4 loves.

I thought I might take a break from my wedding posts, and share some images of the four people who have my heart.  We spent some time at the beach a while back, and it was just… so wonderful to get away and relax for awhile.


Sharlene - Oh, I love these Delia! I am a bit of a sucker for beach images tho ;) That fourth image is breathtaking!

delia - Thank you Sharlene! X

Lee + Hayley

“So dear I love him, that with him

All deaths I can endure. Without him,

Live no life”

William Shakespeare

Hayley is such an incredibly beautiful bride! I loved shooting this wedding.  This wedding was at the picturesque Castaways, in Kariotahi. And it was such a bright sunny day.  Lee and Hayley’s bridal party were so much fun to hang out with too, it was just like hanging out with a group of mates.  Beware this is a visual feast of imagery – there were just so many images I wanted to share!

Lee and Hayley! – may married life bring you many, many years of joy!



Katie del Campo - beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, amazing, incredible!
Delia you continue to amaze. I love your quotes and the way you capture the moments! LOVE!

delia - Thanks so much Katie! X

Mike & Miriam

Wow, I have just realised, it is May and I have only blogged one of my beautiful weddings this season!  Good things take time right? After a very busy summer, things are starting to slow down  and I am readying myself to hibernate for the long, cold winter.

My lovely couple Miriam and Mike had their wedding at St Michael’s Church and the reception at the Blue Baths in Rotorua.  If you haven’t been to the Blue Baths before, next time you are in Rotorua definitely pop in. It is a wondrous place.

M + M, I hope married life is going splendidly for you!  As I was going through your wedding again, I had a big grin plastered over my face thinking about those photos in the changing sheds!

Jess & Dom

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. ~ Dr. Seuss


Gah, I am such a romantic! I have known the beautiful Jess for a few years now, so I was super excited to hear she’d met her Prince Charming!  And now they are engaged!  They came down and stayed with us for a night and we took some photos of them to celebrate their engagement.  I think it’s actually really important to document your engagement period.  I read a piece by a great photographer, who said engagement is to a wedding what maternity is to baby photos.   Looking back on my own engagement, I wish had some professional photographs taken..

May you have long joy filled life together, Jess and Dom – our hearts are so happy for you.  By the way Dom, Genevieve only ever says ‘nos da’ when saying good night to us now!




better late than never.

I know.  It’s been awhile. I’ve been busy enjoying this beautiful summer.  Spending time with loved ones and soaking up the holidays. Of course all in between the shooting fabulous weddings and meeting wonderful families for portraits.

Just wanted to let you know I’m still here.  And I have plenty more lovely coming up.  Please do join me!