“When your day is long and the night

The night is yours alone

When you’re sure you’ve had enough of this life, well hang on

Don’t let yourself go

Everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes “

- R.E.M

Every year at Christmas time I do a “Pay it Forward” campaign on Facebook where I ask all the likers to nominate someone they know who deserves to be treated to something special.  Once again, it was a very, very difficult decision.   Tracy’s story stood out to me.

Two years ago Jason Palmer was cruelly taken from his wife Tracy and his beautiful children Riley and Abbey.  He was a prison officer at Spring Hill Prison when he was assaulted and killed by a prisoner.

In March this year, I went up to Whangarei and photographed Tracy, Riley and Abbey.  Let me tell you this woman – is incredibly brave, strong and inspiring woman and even in the midst of pain and grief she manages to be the most wonderful mother to her children.   Tracy blogs about her life and loves here.

Tracy, Riley and Abbey – I have no words of comfort or solace, but you have touched me so deeply and I shall carry your story in my heart forever. 


Leonie - Simply amazing. Beautiful. Precious.
Tracy is such an incredible person. You have captured her and the kids beautifully.

Tracy Palmer - Thank you so much for the most beautiful photographs of me and my children. I am ever so grateful that Lisa nominated us and that we got to meet you Delia, it was such a pleasure xxx

Juanita (Neetz) - My beautiful friend………………These gorgeous pictures of you and the kids have caused me to sit here and bawl! I can so imagine Jason right there……..with you sitting on that railway platform….right there walking with you guys with an umbrella……..right there huddled among you all!
You are such an example of extreme Strength, even though you are often feeling such loss and at times so broken. You are such a joy to be around, and are a wonderful caring and awesome friend, even though you would have every reason imaginable to be wrapped up in yourself, you are not. You are so loved, and we, your friends wish there was some miraculous way we could reach on up into heaven and give you back the one thing – the one person that is so missing from your beautiful family……missing physically, but not spiritually…as he is in your heart!
Love you lots Trace xx And thank you Delia for these gorgeous pictures xx

malia - so precious. xx

Kylie Kennedy - Beautiful photos Delia, another wonderful job and once again Im in tears! Im soo sorry Tracy for your loss, you look like such a loving and wonderful Mum and your beautiful children are so lucky to have you. Just remember that Jason is constantly watching you all and guiding your way in life.

The Hendersons

A darling family session with Seth, Jessie and their 2 sweet boys.  These were taken out on Jessie’s family farm, a place which is really special to them.  I just love how cheeky little boys can be!  As  a mummy to 2 little girls, I’m always intrigued by boisterous boys!  Jessie’s beautiful hair and makeup was done by her talented friend Aliesha . Seth and Jessie were given a voucher for Christmas from Seth’s family.  So yes – vouchers are available next time you are looking for a sweet present for someone special:-)

Hope y’all enjoying this wildly wet day!

A wedding at sunrise..

Could you actually get anything more romantic than a dawn wedding?
Kate and Mark got married at the beautiful Batemans Bay, NSW in Australia. I was unbelievably flattered when Kate asked me to photograph her wedding. I mean, being a totally talented photographer/designer herself, it was a little nerve wracking!

What an incredible experience it was to be a part of their special, intimate ceremony where there were less than 20 people there – I was very humbled to be a part of it.

Mark and Kate – thank you, thank you for inviting me to join you on this beautiful journey! I hope you do open up that bottle of wine in 5 years time and remember what a wonderful day it was, and how the last 5 years couldn’t have been any better!


sally - BEAUTIFUL Delia. As usual!!! These are amazing. Love the colours. Kate… honey, you were such a pretty bride. You looking absolutely stunning!! x

delia - Thanks so much love! Kate and Mark were fabulous! xx

delia - My absolute pleasure! XXXXXX

Simon and Anna

Last month, I headed up to a beautiful part of the country, that is Kerikeri in Northland.
Simon and Anna make such a gorgeous couple, as I am sure you can all tell! I just love her birdcage and dress too.
It was such a fun, fun wedding, and so many of the photos are of Simon and Anna laughing and generally having a good time – just the way weddings should be!
P.s I love travelling for weddings! So if you are thinking of booking email me soon as spaces are filling fast